ESL team has considerable experience in providing need- based subject workshops and training programmes to school teachers.ESL assists schools to gain and maintain a competitive edge by helping them create and sustain a better-trained workforce who in turn will enhance teaching learning environment of the school. Our training programmes are specially designed for teachers to enhance their instructional skills, augmenting innovative teaching and pedagogical approach, and develop creative thinking and problem-solving skills among students with various types of assessment strategies.
As most of the professional entrance exams are aligned towards the NCERT syllabus,
there is an essential requirement to bridge the gap in what is currently being taught in classes and what is needed to meet the challenges of various competitive examinations and the dynamically changing teaching-testing needs in various subjects, to meet the global needs of education in a standardised pattern. There is an immediate requirement to support in enriching the faculties. We at ESL intend to conduct intense workshops for teachers to achieve the above objective and facilitate teachers to adapt to the change through Subject Matter Experts with over 15-20 years’ experience in CBSE schools and various entrance exam coaching.

Teacher Empowerment Workshops

(Workshops for teachers of classes KG to 12) 
  • Creating a conducive atmosphere for learning
  • Building a positive relation with students and among students
  • Employing effective learning tools
  • Building a strong understanding with parents to enhance learning capacity in students
  • Creating interesting Lesson Plans
  • Involving students in the teaching process
  • Additional up-to-date information
  • Encouraging collective acumen
  • Understanding the syllabus
  • Applying the syllabus to day- to-day activities
  • Heightening syllabus outcomes
  • Positive thinking
  • Team work
  • Sportsmanship
  • Quest for knowledge
  • Independence
  • Goal seeking
  • Perseverance
  • Peer assessment and self- assessment methods
  • Assessment feedbacks and ways to make it beneficial
  • Systematic and hassle-free assessment methods
  • Methods to effective time management
  • Ways to handle stress effectively, imparting to students the need to manage stress and peer pressure and other modern-day pressures
  • Ways to instil in students the need for cyber safety
  • Making students aware of the need for personal safety
  • Methods and activities to building right attitudes and values in students

Subject Enrichment workshops

(Workshops for teachers of classes KG to 5; 6 to 8 and 9 to 12) 
  • Advanced methods to teach math
  • Student-friendly activities to make math learning interesting
  • Novel methods to ingrain concepts
  • Creating an interest in the subject through interactive sessions
  • Methods to improve communication skills in students
  • Activities for students to overcome their public-speaking fears
  • Creating awareness in students pertaining to environmental issues
  • Additional digital support to ingrain concepts
  • Methods to retain the interest of all students in topics taught
  • Additional resources to make the subject interesting
  • Involving students in fact finding and presenting them with logical interpretation
  • Interesting activities to hold the attention of the students
  • Building a good relationship with parents
  • Involving parents in the classroom activities

Leadership Building Workshops

(Workshops for Co-ordinators and Academic /Administrative Heads) 
  • Building a healthy relationship with parents
  • Identifying and solving student issuess
  • Being a bridge between teachers and parents
  • Defusing problem causing issues among staff
  • Ensuring team work among all levels of staff members
  • Encouraging a work-together atmosphere among teachers
  • Viewing the assessment and valuation system
  • Planning for the development of the entire school
  • Ensuring good inter-school relations
  • Dealing with the process of accreditation effectively
  • Documentation and other related issues
  • Dealing with Government procedures
  • Building essential skills in support staff
  • Imparting the need for the support staff to handle different situations
  • Ensuring the smooth running of day to day activities
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