Instant tests online to assess yourself effectively!
JusTest is a diagnostic test which helps students improve their basic concepts with unique self-assessment techniques.
JusTest measures how well a student has understood concepts and provides a detailed feedback, to help him/her improve, unlike regular tests, which merely try to find out how much a child knows in a chapter/subject.
It provides multiple methods to improve the reliability of evaluation and offers a platform to take the students beyond the regular class room testing and examination. JusTest provides an exhaustive scientifically designed question bank with multiple assessment techniques.

The type of questions includes:

Multiple Choice Questions
Fill in the blanks
True or False
Match the following

JusTest, the flexi tool, provides questions from various difficulty levels, namely, Basic, Intermediate and Advanced and is also based on various areas of learning, such as,  Knowledge, Understanding, Application and Skill. It provides a variety of graphical reports to understand the performance level of children in each concept.

JusTest Classes and Subjects

S.NoClassSubjects Covered
1Class 1Mathematics, EVS
2Class 2Mathematics, EVS
3Class 3English, Mathematics, Science, EVS, Social Science
4Class 4English, Mathematics, Science, EVS, Social Science
5Class 5English, Mathematics, Science, EVS, Social Science
6Class 6English, Mathematics, Science, Social Science
7Class 7English, Mathematics, Science, Social Science
8Class 8English, Mathematics, Science, Social Science
9Class 9English, Mathematics, Science, Social Science
10Class 10English, Mathematics, Science, Social Science