A comprehensive, cloud-based school management system for schools with 24/7 back-up support.

One Stop Solution for all Campus Needs!
SchoolInToto – Everything a school needs, from HR Management to Biometric Integration. It is a cloud-based program, providing schools with user-friendly applications to meets all administrative needs.

SchoolInToto helps schools operate in the most efficient and organized manner. It brings you the best School ERP Software with all necessary features to manage the campus workload. It streamlines the entire campus administrative tasks and manages all academic and non-academic functions of a school. 


Our Features

  • Web-based Application

    Users can easily access the application from any computer connected to the internet using a standard browser.

  • Responsive Web Technology

    Accessible on Desktops, Laptops, Tablets or Mobile phones.

  • Minimal Learning & Information Technology Skills

    Staff can handle the application with minimal training and skills.

  • Eliminates staff dependency

    The user-friendly application ensures elimination of dependence on one specific staff member.

  • Malware & Virus Free

    Malware and Virus free environment is assured.

  • Cloud-based Atmosphere

    Cloud-based SchoolInToto offers cost savings, flexibility, scalability, security, and speed.

  • Customizable as per School Requirements

    Customization of all operations eliminates the gap between requirements and available features.

  • Cost-effective

    Coordination between various departments for inter-disciplinary functions and printing documents for comparison or verification purposes makes it cost-effective.

  • 300+ Reports in HTML, PDF, XLS Formats

    Variety of report formats are available to read, interpret the data for various management purposes in each and every aspect of effective school management.

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SchoolInToto has every module a school will need to run the institution efficiently.